Sunday, February 22, 2009

Glimpses of Heaven

So, now you know that I learned to respond to your comments. After just finishing one, I decided to post this response for all of you to read. It sums up why I do what I do. And my prayer is that all of God's creation—you, included!— would do what it was created to do.

In response to one reader's comment about the "winter alphabet" I posted below, I wrote: One of the things that my favorite author, C.S. Lewis, wrote about is his "glimpses of heaven". These came to him long before he knew the Lord. Whether it was hearing a piece of beautiful music, reading a story, or seeing a sunset or majestic mountain, there would be times when he was caught up with an overwhelming sense of longing; a stirring for something other than this world could satisfy. He later realized that these were "glimpses of heaven" that the Lord would give him to reveal Himself to Lewis.

There are so many delightful "secrets" that the Lord loves to share with us through His amazing creation--which includes not only nature, but each and every one of His children! So let's go on a treasure hunt together! He has made each of us in His image, which means, among other things, that each one of us carries a bit of His creativity in us. And that was meant to be discovered, shared, and enjoyed.


Sharon said...

Julie -- I am so delighted by the fact that I keep meeting wonderful, talented women who delight in worshiping God. I feel like I am being so BLESSED but what He is doing, and how, through the internet, He is reminding me that I am part of a wonderful, awesome family.

Your art work is beautiful. So glad you sent your note!


Julie said...

Thank you, Sharon. I, too, am delighted to meet more of my "family" via this blog.

I loved your story about St. Patrick and left a comment about it on your site.