Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Current Project

A Winter Alphabet
We recently went on vacation to the Adirondacks in upstate New York. While there, we went snowshoeing in the woods. As I was walking along the path, I looked down and realized that there were "letters" all around me. In the so-called "debris" were these beautiful letterforms that were just waiting to be photographed. So, for the next hour and a half, I walked and continued shooting until I got a complete alphabet. And for the record: all the "letters" were found "as is", with the only intervention from me being to clear a piece of debris (or two) away from the area to be photographed. :-)


Shelly W said...

I'm so glad you sent the email about your blog yesterday, Julie. I love it! And I'm going to write about it one of these days.

Thanks for including me in your blog list!! Love you! S.

Michele H. said...

Hi Julie,
Thanks so much for senidng me this blog info. Even though my work is a form of art... it is not my heart. What you do is. i have been thinking of getting back to it some day soon. Your work inspires me!
About the alphabet in nature photos. i really like them. clever idea. i have seen this done with industrial shapes and shadows in architecture. fun.
when i look at it i think "current, kids art". not like so much of the cheesy stuff that is out there. Very sellable.

Michele H. said...

one more thought. its like god dropped those letters for you to see...wonder how many others saw His letters. makes me think of other things he drops down for us that we miss. i want to see it all!!
You are a gifted artist Julie! I love that God has gifted you in this way!

Marjorie said...

Thanks for sending me the info on your blog. I'm enjoying seeing your new ideas

Clair said...

I love love love this new stuff! You is super clever!

Julie said...


Re: your comment about the letters: One of the things that my favorite author, C.S. Lewis, wrote about is his "glimpses of heaven". These came to him long before he knew the Lord. Whether it was a piece of beautiful music, a story, a sunset or majestic mountain, there would times when he was caught up with an overwhelming sense of longing; a stirring for something other than this world could satisfy. He later realized that these were "glimpses of heaven" that the Lord would give him to reveal Himself to Lewis.

There are so many delightful "secrets" that the Lord loves to share with us through His amazing creation--which includes not only nature, but each and every one of His children! Let's go on a treasure hunt together!