Sunday, May 17, 2009

The CCC West Side Study Group

Today I did a demo for the CCC West Side Study Group. They asked me to demonstrate a walnut ink technique that I learned in Judy Melvin's workshop. (See the link to her website at left.) These women produced some beautiful work, as you'll see in the following photos. They were such enthusiastic learners...and teachers! Thanks to all for a wonderful play date. And special kudos go to our guests, Linda and Lisa, who were absolutely new to the art of calligraphy but dove headlong into the process and produced some amazing work! (Directly below.)

And ladies, don't forget to send me photos of your finished pieces to post on the blog!!!! I wasn't able to put all of your work on here as some of the photos didn't turn out well. I'd love for all of you to be represented here.

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april said...

Oooooooooo...all so nice! So sorry I couldn't make it!