Monday, May 4, 2009

God is in the Details!

This is the inside of one my neighbor's tulips! I was walking past her house and this image caught my eye so I ran home to get my camera.

I am amazed at how Father loves to woo us with breathtaking details. Why? Why such beauty and intricacy in something that only lasts a few days, then withers and dies?

I hear Him whisper: "Because it's fun! Because I take delight in seeing you delighted. And because I love you."


Amy said...

found you through your work, especially the "worship the splendor of His holiness" piece. you do beautiful work! :)

Julie said...

Thank you so much, Amy. I saw your blog and found your Dad's works, as well as your Mom's Etsy site. Loved both of their stuff, especially your Dad's artwork. Amazingly beautiful!!! And indeed captures the beauty of God's creation.