Monday, June 1, 2009

Two Weeks Since My Last Post!!!!

Can't believe it has been that long! Haven't been doing art as much as I'd like. Sometimes paying jobs (graphic design ones) have to take precedent. :-)

I recently unearthed some of my drawings and paintings. I've been wondering what some of them would look like with Photoshop filters, or just tweaked a bit with the brightness and contrast feature. This painting—zoomed to show detail—was originally done in an oil painting class. The assignment was to create a monochromatic using one color (redundant, I know!) with the addition of white and burnt umber for highlights and shadows. (On left.)

After scanning the photo into Photoshop, I played around with the contrast; the "replace color" feature; and isolated some of the fruit in order to tint with color. (On right.) This is a very rough idea. Haven't gone in to clean it up yet.

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Jane Farr said...

Your sketches are wonderful, and it's interesting to see what you can accomplish in Photoshop. You're very talented!!