Monday, June 29, 2009

Update from the Studio

Hello Readers!

Well, I've finally made the transition to the new computer, printer, scanner, etc. Just bought super-fast technology and amazing graphics programs for half of what I spent in 1995. Can't believe how far we've come in this technological world!

I thought technology is supposed to make your life easier, but I've spent 3+ weeks trying to figure out just what I needed; 2 days to set things up; and now more waiting for the main graphics software to arrive. Seems that (for my graphics suite) you have to register your purchase online; get a license to own the software for one computer; then wait for them to send you the CD in order to load the software on your computer! Huh?!!!

So right now I can't do any graphic stuff on this new computer yet. Still have my old computer hooked up and will use that until the new stuff arrives.

All this to say that my "creative" time has been spent doing computer stuff instead of the hands-on art stuff I really like to do. That's why you haven't seen anything new in here for a while. Not to mention that school is out for the summer and I now have my 6-yr-old home all day. We're going to have an art day this week, so I'll post some photos after that.

Hope you're all enjoying summer!

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