Thursday, August 20, 2009

Calligraphy Picnic and Show & Tell

Last Sunday, about 25 Chicago Calligraphy Collective members got together for a picnic and to share calligraphic treats from this summer's conference. There was a plethora of goodies being passed around. A feast for the eyes, as well as the belly! (10 points to the person who guesses one of my favorite words used in this paragraph! :-)

These photos show some of Rita's (our host) calligraphy on display in her home. The first one is a table runner, of which only half is shown here. Next, is a quote on her kitchen soffit. And third, a table covering for her husband on Father's Day. Cool stuff, huh?!

Next, we have some great samples by my talented friend Kathy, who attended a class by Louise Grunewald, a calligrapher/artist from Durango, Colorado. (I couldn't find a website for her.) These techniques are really interesting.
Here's a collage painting by Marge. This technique involved torn magazine pages that had the ink rubbed, smeared, or removed with a fluid whose name I can't remember. She then pieced them together to make this landscape picture; sealed it; then lettered over it.

Here's a photo of a practice sheet done by Beth, one of our members who teaches calligraphy at a college in the northwest suburbs. She took a Sheila Waters' class.

Stay tuned for a few more images from Sunday!

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Jane Farr said...

Great stuff! So much to see and study -a visual picnic!