Monday, August 3, 2009

Growth Chart

My son just had his 7th birthday and I realized
that I had never done a growth chart for him.
We'd been marking his height and weight on a
small section of wall in our hallway up until last
year when I painted the wall. So, now we mark
it in the journal I've been keeping for him over the
years. But it really should be marked on a chart.

A few years before my son was born, I had done a
couple of growth charts as gifts. I did one as a sample
to keep so I dug it out of my closet a few weeks ago
and started working on a new one for my son. It's not
finished yet, but I'm doing it in the same style as the
one shown here. Different colors, but same lettering.

I'll post his when I'm done.


Jane Farr said...

Great idea Julie! We've done measurements on the back of the bathroom door, but this is much more interesting. I just measured my 17 year old son a few days ago - 6' 4 and 3/8". (I feel as though I'm shrinking!)

Julie said...

Hi Jane! Thanks for your comment. I'm sure my son will soon be passing me up, too! He points it out almost every day. :-)