Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Carl Rohrs Chicago Workshop - Part 7

I just realized this morning that I haven't given a description of the class yet. Carl split the 4-day workshop into two sessions, which sort of overlapped. The whole workshop was titled "Ghosts of Calligraphy". However, the first 2 days were titled "Modern Moves from 20th Century Masters", where we looked at lettering techniques developed by well-known calligraphers, some alive, some dead.

Carl's vast knowledge of calligraphic history was fascinating as well as applicable to what we were doing. He showed us certain "master's" techniques by breaking down the strokes of each letter and then spending time with each student showing them how to make the marks.

The second half of the 4-day workshop was titled "Pen, Brush, Stiletto". Here we focused on brush lettering, as well as some pen, and also got into the exciting stuff like the cut paper and prismatic letter techniques you've already seen.

Can you tell from my excitement that EVERYONE should take this class if you have the chance?! You won't be disappointed!


LEY MBORAMWE Visual Artist Multi Media said...

Thanks a lot carl for your inspiring me in calligraphy workshop in cape town and i will never go back down for my challenge in calligraphy God bless you .ley mboramwe

WildmanDesigns said...

Ley: Thank you for looking at my blog. I passed your comment along to Carl! :-)