Sunday, November 15, 2009

CCC Study Group Today!

The CCC's West Side Study Group met today.
Rita demonstrated a simple bookbinding
technique using Tyvek paper and acrylic paints.
She brought pre-cut strips of Tyvek, along
with pre-cut pages, which we sewed into signatures.
We painted the Tyvek and set it aside to dry.
Then we assembled the books, adding mat board
pieces as hard covers. We then covered the mat
board with the painted Tyvek. This photo shows
our finished products.

Thanks, Rita!!!

This is a close-up of my book opened.
The cover is tipped in and attached
with a thin strip of glue.

Then it was time for show and tell. Barb and Luce took a class in Ireland with Denis Brown and brought along some goodies to share with us. They learned a technique that involved throwing waterproof ink on watercolor paper; then covering it with a layer of PVA. Alkyds were used paint over the ink; and gouache was used to write over the alkyds. This process is repeated many times in order to create a layered piece. The two pieces at left (top and bottom) are Barb's. The two pieces at right are Luce's. Both are still in progress. You may see more of Luce's work on her blog.

Aren't these just gorgeous?!!!


Kate said...

Thanks for posting these, Julie. It's great to have you at the group. And nice touch, painting the floor black. :-)

Overflow said...

This looks fun, sorry I missed it. and nice photo of the books, by the way.

zquilts said...

Ohhhhhh!! those pieces are such amazing art works! The colors also make me swoon! So much to learn and try - so little time!

Jane Farr said...

Wonderful post Julie! Thanks so much for sharing.

WildmanDesigns said...

Thanks for your comments everyone! I love knowing people are looking at the blog. There's so much to share!

ZQuilts: Yes, indeed. The colors are even more amazing in person! :-)