Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Card Workshop

Last Thursday, I was invited to teach a small workshop for the "Crossroads" group at First Financial Bank in downtown Highland. This was the group that I did a demo for back in August. But this time, they wanted some basic instruction in calligraphy and then to apply it to a holiday card.

So, the first half was spent going through some of the basic strokes and rules of the italic hand. Then they wrote out a small phrase and applied it to a 4-panel, accordion-fold card.

Most in the class were beginners, so they were all amazed and delighted with what they accomplished in a 3-hour period. I think they did a fabulous job! Wouldn't you agree???

Card by Agnes

Card by Gerry

Card by Jill

Card by Liz

Card by Hannah

Card by Val

Card by Gloria

Card by Judy

Card by David


Jane Farr said...

I do agree! Your students' work is terrific. I hope they continue to study calligraphy, because they are off to a great start. I printed out the CCC sign up info, just need to fill it out and send it in. Thanks Julie!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Julie,
I had the best time! Thanks for your enthusiasm and patience!!