Thursday, February 4, 2010

Artist Trading Cards Event

My local art supply store just hosted our quarterly trade tonight. I was so excited because my 7-year-old son came with me and traded 5 of his original art cards, two of which are seen below. Everyone was very gracious and welcoming, so he really got into it. Now he's hooked and wants to have a creative play date so we can make more ATCs!!! A mama's dream. :-)

Here are a couple of mine that I traded:


Jane Farr said...

These are great ATCs. Congrats to your son! Back when Cyberscribes first started their ATC exchange, Teri Martin let my daughter participate. She loved the experience, and all the calligraphers she traded with were soooo kind to her. It sure warmed this mother's heart!

WildmanDesigns said...

Thanks, Jane! I'll let him know. He's so funny. This morning before school, he pulled them out to show to another boy who comes early. Just like boys would do with baseball cards. And he had to explain each one. Cute!

Marjorie said...

I like these too! We did Valentine themed ATC's at study group on sunday.