Monday, February 1, 2010

Chicago Calligraphy Collective's Public Event

The CCC was invited to exhibit our All Members' Show at the Skokie Public Library for the month of January. And as a nice finale to the show, they also invited us to do some demonstrations for the public. Well, were we pleasantly surprised when close to 200 (!!!) people came through the doors wanting to learn about calligraphy!

What an amazing day! Skokie is home to a true melting pot of people. We had people from all over the world stopping by our stations. At one point, I had 5 middle school kids sitting at my table. One was Korean, one was a Muslim, an Assyrian, a French girl, and an Israeli. How cool is that?!

There were demonstrations on pointed pen, italic, and unusual tools, as well as CCC members teaching people to make artist trading cards and flexagon valentines.

Adults and children were equally involved and had a wonderful time learning all the new techniques and letterforms. We had people begging us to come back! We were demonstrating for over 3 hours and were so busy that none of us had a chance to eat or run to the bathroom!!!

Here are some pics from the event. I had my camera, but was unable to get away from my table to take pics, so these are from my friends Kathy and Karen. (Thanks, ladies!) Unfortunately, we don't have any photos of the unusual tools demos.

New member Yeohyun and her mother, who was visiting from South Korea, try their hand at western calligraphy.

Visitors learning pointed pen.

CCC member Lisa demonstrates italic for onlookers.

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ruth sinker said...

We took photos! You can see the best of the bunch on our flickr photoset. There's even a three-frame animation of Lisa demonstrating the italic "i".

This was one of those events that truly shows our community engaged in "lifelong learning."