Monday, February 8, 2010

A Heads-Up to All My Readers!

February 2nd was the one year anniversary of my blog! I kind of missed the date and just realized this past week that I've been doing this for a year. Well, how appropriate then that I was just contacted by one of my blogging friends, Sharon, who has a wonderful site called "Good, True and Beautiful." (Click on the button below and check it out.) Sharon asked if I'd like to participate in a giveaway for her readers, so I gladly accepted.

Visit Sharon's site on Wednesday, Feb. 10 to see what the giveaway is all about. (Hint: you'll have to come over to my site in order to win!) :-)

Good, True and Beautiful


Kate said...

Happy Anniversary, Julie! Wishing you many more years of sharing your creativity with others.

Jane Farr said...

Happy Anniversary Julie! So glad to have met you and your beautiful artwork through the blogosphere!!

WildmanDesigns said...

Thank you, Kate and Jane. And thanks for reading and being such an encouragement to me this past year.