Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Baby Gift

I made this today to give as a gift to a friend
who just had a baby. I had to whip it up quickly
because she came into town unexpectedly, so I
resorted to a familiar style. This was done with
a pointed brush, Dr. Martin's Bleedproof White,
and Prismacolor pencils on Arches Black Cover.


zquilts said...

Love what you did ! Of all the lettering forms I think this is the one that I would most like to learn. It flows and just looks so perfect!

Erica said...

WOW! This is just beautiful! Such a treasure to celebrate her new baby.

WildmanDesigns said...

Thanks, Marie and Erica. And I just love your work, Erica. So nice to "meet" you! :-)

(And Marie, you already know i love your work!!!!)

Marjorie said...

Love the lettering too, Julie. You have such control with the pointed brush!

LuckyDog said...

Gorgeous! That's one beautiful sugarstick, you got there! :)