Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Birthday Card

Yesterday was my sweet hubby's birthday
and as usual, I made him a card. (I usually
make all my cards by hand.) This was done
with a wide-point Sharpie Poster Paint Pen,
on a piece of archival colored paper. I used
Prismacolor pencils to color in the larger areas.

I kind of liked the graphic look to this card,
especially the shapes that are created
around the letters. I'd like to play with this
format a bit more, using different words.


Rita said...

Very, very clever and quite beautiful, Julie. I usually make all my cards also and was floored when I bought one recently and saw the price.

Jane Farr said...

Happy Birthday to your husband! A white Sharpie gave such opaque color on dark stock? I love your letterforms! Very cool Julie! I just finished the front of my son's 18th birthday card, before I knew it, I had spent the entire afternoon on it! :-)

WildmanDesigns said...

Thanks for the comments, ladies!

I have to admit that the white Sharpie was not as opaque as you see here. (But almost!) This is what happens when a very anal graphic designer scans something. I couldn't resist making that white just a bit "cleaner". :-)

Lisa Holtzman said...

This is fabulous Julie! What a great graphic design you created.

Kathy McCreedy said...

Hey Julie!
I trust your husband was pleased with his gift from you! I like the graphic elements of the card, too! Nice job, girlfriend! xoxo

zquilts said...

I love this birthday card! DH's is next week and, once again, you have inspired me !

PS: You have also gotten me hooked on Sharpie poster paint markers. I filled a dry one with Ziller White Ink and it works beautifully!