Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another Creative Play Date!

These creative play dates seem to be turning into a habit! Some friends of mine from the Chicago Calligraphy Collective gathered this past week in my friend Cathy's lovely studio to do some suminagashi and marbleizing techniques. We found some simple instructions on the Dick Blick website, under a section for educators. The techniques were simplified for children, so, in the case of marbleizing, we didn't use the traditional oil paints; instead we used watered-down acrylics. We also experimented with various papers, from construction paper to better-grade archival papers.

It really was a trial-and-error experience. One of the women (Luce) had done traditional marbleizing and found our experience to be a bit of a frustration. The materials didn't work like she had been used to. (We did determine that all of us wanted to try the real thing at a later date.) But, all in all, we had a great time playing and getting messy! :-)

Here are two of our finished pieces, just to whet your appetite. I'll post a few more photos later. Enjoy!

Suminagashi technique

Marbleizing technique


Lisa Holtzman said...

Wow, gorgeous papers! I tried marbleizing paper years ago and they came out very muddy. You did a great job!!

Sandi Silvious said...

Thanks for posting about this project! Love the results and you've inspired me to want to give it a try sometime. Very nice!