Saturday, April 10, 2010

Meet Artist Shannon Martin Wilson!

I found Shannon's beautiful website and blog after she became a follower of my blog. She is an artist, calligrapher and jewelry designer whose work just makes my heart sing.

Shannon describes her work "as a spiritual pursuit on canvas—sometimes peaceful, sometimes uncertain. Her art speaks of those places in between confusion and hope, guilt and redemption, doubt and belief. She is a student of calligraphy and a lover of words, and most of her newer canvases are but a stage on which image and text dance. Her seminary training and love for God is obvious in the words she chooses. It is her hope that through her art a soul-awakening conversation can take place between artist and viewer."

Please check out her sites by clicking on the orange words above. You won't be disappointed!

This piece is titled "Solstice".


zquilts said...

Anything orange is wonderful in my book - and this work is simply fabulous!

Jane Farr said...

I love Shannon's work too. (and I love that her studio is in the main living area of her house) :)

Shannon Wilson said...

Thank you, Julie, for sharing my work with your readers, your thoughtful comments, and for your own creative gifts back to the world!