Friday, May 7, 2010

Denis Brown Workshop

Hello Readers:

Well, it sure has been awhile. Funny. I've been in my studio working for the last two weeks, but I don't have too many fun things to post. Logo jobs and ads have been taking precedent, none of which you'd probably care to see. But I do have a few interesting (I hope!) things to post.

I took a one-day, Intro to Celtic Art workshop with Denis Brown at the Irish American Heritage Center in Chicago. (The CCC and the IAHC sponsored five days with Denis.) My 17-yr. old niece went with me. (Yayy!!!) Denis gave a lecture the night before about some of his modern work, then did the Intro workshop the next day. He spoke about various ancient Irish manuscripts, including the Book of Kells. He gave us a brief overview of Celtic knotwork and spirals, as well as the Uncial hand used in the B of K. We had a sold-out crowd of CCC members and non-members! Over 50 people took the class and were introduced to the "art of beautiful writing"!

This photo at left, and the photo below it, are free images from the Trinity College Dublin's (home of the B of K) website. I love the crispness and quality of these letterforms, as well as the very contemporary (for their day) colors and how they fill in the counterspaces.

This next image shows the intricacy of knotwork and spirals. Such amazing artistry! At the end of the day we were treated to a special showing of the Irish American Heritage Center's facsimile of the Book of Kells. It's an exact replica in size and even has all the holes and "defects" of the original. It's probably the closest I'll ever come to seeing the artwork up close.

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Jane Farr said...

Several years ago I was fortunate to take a workshop with Denis organized by Anne Binder. Denis gave a lecture/slideshow at Notre Dame covering this same topic. It was awe inspiring! The attention to detail in the ancient manuscripts was incredible. Thanks for your post. I am holding out hope that we'll be able to get up to the Newberry next Saturday, but I'm just not sure at this point. I so wanted to see the exhibit!