Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More Apple Images from Annie Cicale's Class

The work represented here is by some of the talented people I had the privilege of working alongside of last weekend. Some of them have blogs or websites, too, so where applicable, I've included their links.

First, a sampling of apples from the first day. I don't know who did the apples on the right, but she was very ambitious!

This gorgeous apple was done by Ellen, who is a wonderfully talented artist and calligrapher. Who would have thought that a red apple didn't have to be drawn with any red in it at all? :-)

This stunning composition and drawing was done by
Barb from Michigan. I love the technique used to create
the background.

This is by one of my all-time favorite
artists/calligraphers, Rosie.

And this yummy piece was done by the amazing Karen!

This apple was done by another of my favorite artists, Luce. Check out her blog here!

And this one was done by Randy, who is new to our workshops. 
I LOVE how he incorporated the words into the shadow. 

This beautiful sepia tone was done by another Karen.


Jane Farr said...

The variety (and beauty of each) blows me away! What a great workshop.

april said...

Love them!

Luce H. Zolna said...

I love this stuff ..... you have some great pictures Julie.

Rita said...

Julie, your work leaves me speechless!

WildmanDesigns said...

Thank you all for your comments. And to you, Rita, for your compliment. It was a great workshop!