Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Meet My Friend April!

Happy Summer to all my readers, even though it's not technically summer yet!

Last week I had the delightful experience of going to lunch with a friend at a place called The Center. (Check it out!) My friend had heard that there was going to be a Garden Poetry Luncheon and thought it would be fun to attend. So we booked our spot and headed out. The Center is on maybe about 100 acres (not sure of the actual size) and is just southwest of Chicago in Palos Park, IL.

When we arrived at the luncheon, I was delighted to see one of my blogging friends, and fellow Chicago Calligraphy Collective member, April Schabes at the event. I was even more surprised to hear that she was one of the poets that would be reading in the Garden!

May I just say that I was completely overwhelmed by the beautiful poetry that the 8 women shared, including April's. So I asked April if she wouldn't mind sending me one of her poems and perhaps a piece of her lovely art to go with it. Without further ado, please enjoy "The Robin", by April Schabes. And while you're at it, check out her lovely art here!

Oh robin, you early bird
Flicking your tail - so alert.
The ground is still frozen
And you're scanning the dirt!

Are you casing the block
For black wormy soil?
Before choosing your site?
Before starting your toil?

Make it convenient!
Pick a spot nearby.
When  your family is calling
From far, you'll not fly.

Soon it will warm up
The sun will shine -
With your full nest adorning
This front yard of mine.

Then I'll watch you tend them
You're all they have known.
Too soon this will pass -
They'll be out on their own.

And so life will go on
After those you did raise
And you'll say with a sigh -
How fast went those days.


Jane Farr said...

This is wonderful! Thanks for sharing April's delightful poetry and art with us!!

april said...

Oh Julie! Such nice compliments - thank you. It is all so much fun, and what a delight to see you there that day! Thank you for helping to make it special.