Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Friend, Martha!

I have been incredibly blessed to have some very special, creative friends in my life. One of them is my very dear, VERY creative and very generous friend, Martha. I met her back in 1987 when a mutual friend (her sister) introduced us. Martha had her own graphic design business and her sister thought we should meet. I needed an interview with a working professional for my final project in design school, so Martha and I met over lunch. She reviewed my portfolio and, much to my surprise, offered me a job after I graduated. So, three days after graduation, I began working for Martha and we've been friends ever since! A working relationship/friendship like ours comes around only once in a lifetime and I'm so VERY glad it's with Martha.

So, this past week, Martha and I decided it was time for a play date. We met in her basement studio to make greeting cards. First, you HAVE to check out her studio because it's such an inspiring place to make art. (There's Martha below, at right in the photo.)


Martha said...

Is is unanimous: our playdate was reconstituting! I had fun pasting old postage stamps and matching them to related dictionary entries (i.e. Buckminster Fuller). I've also been making tiny drawings in my spare time and Julie encouraged me to take them seriously. She has become an essential ingredient to my creative machine. Just look at her card masterpieces! (Hey, Julie -- thanks for documenting my artroom!) Survey question: is it cheating to use Stack papers?--Martha

Kathy McCreedy said...

Oh, what a lovely studio! And it's in the basement, you say?!? I may have to rethink that whole basement idea now that I've seen Martha's basement!
I KNOW you gals had a blast creating together... sounds like it was wonderful.
Hope all is well with you!