Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Weekend with Georgia Deaver

Last weekend, Georgia Deaver (see her great website here) came to Chicago and I had the privilege of taking her "Stylized Writing" workshop. This was my first time in a class with her and I am SO GRATEFUL for the opportunity. I've admired her work for a long time and have heard so much about her, that it was such a pleasure to finally meet her in person. She is, indeed, a gracious, gentle person and a fabulous teacher.

The workshop was called, as I mentioned above, "Stylized Writing". It was designed to help us recognize the individual characteristics that appear in our own handwriting and then to expand upon those characteristics through various exercises. I won't be sharing the whole list of those exercises here as I feel that would be unethical, since Georgia does make part of her living through teaching classes. I will, however, give one or two teaser examples and hopefully, it will be enough to entice you to have Georgia come to teach in YOUR city. :-)

One of the exercises was to make all the consonants very condensed and spiky, and all the vowels, except i, very round. This made for a very interesting pattern, as seen here. Unfortunately, I don't know who did this practice sheet, but it's very beautiful, isn't it???? (I see that this person rose to the challenge and made the "i" round as well. :-)

This was one of my interpretations of the same exercise, using pointed brush and white gouache on black Arches cover.


Another exercise was to use capitals somewhere in a text that used mostly lowercase letters. I did this quick sketch, using the pointed brush and red gouache on 90# Arches rough watercolor paper.

The hand of the master at work! 

And one of Georgia's demos. LOOK AT THOSE STROKES!!! (Pointed brush example)

Check back later for more photos from the workshop!!!


Rena said...

what a fun day you MUST have had...wow, beautiful examples.... I'm certain I could sit ALLLL day long and watch someone letter..
thank you for sharing.

Jane Farr said...

Looks as though it was an excellent and inspiring workshop. Thanks for the teaser! :)