Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A New Look for the CCC!

Another one of my projects (over the past year-and-a-half) has been to "brand" the Chicago Calligraphy Collective. "Branding" is a process that creates a cohesive look for a company or organization, so that every promotional piece lets the viewer know it's from that specific company. We began the process of branding the CCC with a new brochure back in 2009.

(front cover of brochure)

Last year, we did new stationery and some promotional pieces.
(letterhead on left; notecard on right)


Banner (at right).

This year, we launched our new website. Check out our new look at www.chicagocalligraphy.org. (FYI: I only designed the look of the website, NOT the functionality of it. We hired a web company for that.) There are still a few bugs to work out and we need to transition over to our new webmaster to get information updated, but overall, it's ready to go.

Stay tuned for a peek at our new newsletter!


jgr said...

The new look is beautiful!!

Jo Miller said...

The website is great! Look is clean and interesting, user friendly. You all have done a good job and should be pleased.

nikheel said...

great job! new look is awesome and fresh. Congrats!

WildmanDesigns said...

Thanks, everyone. I'll pass your comments along to the Board and the website committee!

Jane Farr said...

Great new look Julie! Well done! The website is terrific. I received my Exploration postcard today. We booked our hotel room; I can't wait! :)

Cynthia Schelzig,Cynnie said...

I just scrolled through your blog...wonderful art ,,,just beautiful work!

Renee Troy said...

Fantastic and inspiring! Great job!