Saturday, May 14, 2011

In the Studio

Greetings on a cold, wet spring morning in Chicagoland!

I've been playing a bit more again, in between "work". Last week we went to a wedding of a friend's daughter. (We're at that age where the children of our friends are getting married!!!! :-) Instead of buying a card, I decided to make them one with their names and the date of their wedding on it. I did this with pointed brush (of course!), sumi ink and hot foil pen for the dots on Arches Text Wove, then mounted it to some Arches Black Cover for the card stock.


Jane Farr said...

It's beautiful Julie and infinitely better than store bought!

LuckyDog said...

Much better than store-bought! Your pointed brush is spectacular! How'd you get the sumi to look so thirsty??

Renee Troy said...

What a treasure for the happy couple. You did an amazing keepsake for them.

nikheel said...

Its so awesome!!
love the r(?), overall composition is stunning.