Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weekend Fun!

This past weekend was spent at the BMX track, watching my son race and win two first-place trophies in his 9-yr. old intermediates class! And in between being BMX mom, I volunteered to do temporary tattoos for the kids to raise money for our home track.

I probably did over 100 "tattoos" and had LOTS of practice with brush manipulation by the end of the second day! Wrote a lot of names and "I [heart] BMX!" :-) Here's a pic of one of my tattoos and face paintings.

One little boy named "Jacob" spent 10 minutes telling my how he'd just learned to write his name. He proceeded to tell me how each letter was formed—over and over and over again! My favorite description was the "J". In his words: "OK. You start at the top and go down, down, down. Then you do a little turn this way. Then you make a little hook, but just a little one! And don't go all the way up with it."


Rita said...

This is great Julie. Love it. And congrats to Josiah.

Jane Farr said...

What a brilliant way to raise funds. Thanks for sharing, Julie!