Thursday, October 6, 2011

Being Neighborly

Yesterday, one of my wonderful neighbors came walking over to my house with a large, old book under his arm. He said, "I know you like calligraphy so I thought you'd enjoy this." His great-grandfather, who lived in France, had started a ledger for all the business transactions in his family. The same ledger was kept by various other family members for over 100 years and eventually wound up here in the States. The entries begin sometime around the late 1830s and are written in French. Toward the end of the ledger they are written in English.

Hard to believe that someone chose to do such beautiful writing for something as mundane as record-keeping isn't it? Enjoy the photos!


Jane Farr said...

How nice of your neighbor! My husband's grandfather was an accountant for Seiberling Rubber Co. and I have all his old pen points. I think excellent penmanship was required for his position, and his was outstanding. We have his personal ledger as well, which is much like the one you picture here. In it, he kept an annual record of the family assets and debts, along with a year end summary of family, US and world news - a treasure to be sure! Thank you for the CCC email this morning. Tom and I will be in Chicago on the 22nd, and I have printed off the St. John/LUMA info. (sorry to be so long winded here!)

Beaumont Employee said...

Absolutely gorgeous lettering! I'd have a really hard time letting that book go! :D
Merry Christmas!