Monday, March 12, 2012

Monoprints and Beyond

A couple of weeks ago I got together with the usual group of creative friends for our quarterly play date. This time it was to do monoprinting at my friend Luce's wonderful studio. Luce is one of those people that is always trying a new technique or experimenting with different media and her studio is a treasure trove of interesting items and art. So, we brought our plexiglass plates, printing inks, brayers, and Luce supplied us with an odd assortment of dried leaves, twigs, plants, etc. and set to work.

We tried a variety of monoprinting techniques, which included painting on the plate surface (which yielded THIS mess!!!);

Then I tried braying the ink on the plate and "scoring" squiggles into it. I kind of liked how this one turned out.

The one I liked the best was this next technique. I brayed the ink on the plate and laid a stem of dried flowers on top. Then placed my paper on top of that and sent it through the press. The result was this image AND a very cool emboss of the dried flower stem!


nikheel said...

Lovely techniques and excellent results :) Thanks for sharing.

Jane Farr said...

Such fun! I imagine you will do something cool with all three prints!