Monday, March 12, 2012

So, Here's the Beyond

I titled my previous post "Monoprints and Beyond" because I used one of my monoprints in a different way later on.

Someone asked me to make a bunch of bookmarks as gifts for friends, and one of them was to say "Hope" on it. I thought the green image with the reverse of the flowers was a nice background for the word "hope". Sort of reminded me of spring, with it's new life, and green colors. So I scanned the whole image that you see here:

Then had to condense it to fit the 2.5" width of a bookmark. I didn't want to squish the flower image, so I used the selection tool to "grab" the flowers and put them on their own layer; then I filled in the white space left on the green layer and condensed the vertical shape so that it would fit the narrower width.

Then I dropped the flower layer back in and just ever-so-slightly condensed it to fit in the new background.

Finally, I lettered the word "hope" in black on white paper and scanned it in. I colored it the same color as the cream background and put a drop shadow filter on it. I then had a bunch printed at my local printer, using their high-res color copy machine and printed them on 100# cover stock. I trimmed and laminated them at home. Punched a hole and added a ribbon. Here is the result.

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Jane Farr said...

Beautiful! (and I was able to follow and understand your PS descriptions. Something I wouldn't have been able to do a year ago. yay! Nothing is impossible!)