Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Quote Job - FINALE!

I finished the quotes on my hair salon walls yesterday. Took about 7.5 hours up on a scaffold. Can't imagine painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling on one's back!!! Came home with sore knees from bending and kneeling in weird ways. :-)

My client is very happy with the finished product!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Julie,
Wow, you are amazing! These quotes are perfect and, of course, the lettering! WOW

Kathy McCreedy said...

Oh, my, Julie!!! This is beyond beautiful!!! I hope you were paid well!!! This is just stunning and you are to be applauded! Not only is it stunning, but I know it couldn't have been easy just getting the set up done correctly! You have my greatest admiration!!! :D

WildmanDesigns said...

Thanks, Agnes and Kathy. Actually, Kathy, my hair guy and I bartered for this so I'm getting free haircuts until we're even! A great deal for both of us. :)

Jane Farr said...

Gorgeous! Your lettering dances and sings!! The Romans are beautiful too. Well done, Julie!! Enjoy all those "free" haircuts coming your way, and while you're getting your hair styled - enjoy the wonderful writing on the wall. :)