Friday, November 30, 2012

Work from Mike Gold's Workshop

Mike Gold—lettering artist/teacher/American Greetings artist—came to Chicago on Nov. 17 & 18 to teach a two-day workshop on Contemporary Scripts for the Chicago Calligraphy Collective. It was an amazing time! His work is spectacular and he's also a great teacher. (Check out his website at He led us through some challenging exercises to get us to look at the letters as shapes, and to see everything we put on paper as a composition. Here's a look at some of Mike's work, as well as some of our class work.

This is a student piece. It's an exercise that Mike had us do on Day 1 to loosen up. We then went back in and filled in spaces with a wash or solid black.

Same exercise, but adding color. This piece was done by my friend Luce.

This is one of my pieces for the same exercise.

This is one of Mike's demos to show us how to start spacing the letters out in unusual ways.

This is Mike demonstrating 
how to write a quote 
in a pleasing composition.

On Day Two, we branched out with white on black, and adding color to the design. Here, Mike demonstrates white
on black, using pastels to
make the quote "pop."

One student's work, adding color with pastels.

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